Everything you need to know about HashCube


Hashcube was founded in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea and has been expanding both domestically and internationally as a mining company over the past 6 years. In 2018, we launched our miner hosting project HashMax, which offers a one-stop solution for bitcoin mining. We successfully held Asia Crypto Investment Forum as part of Blockchain Week in Thailand in 2019. Now we are currently developing a new project TPIDA, which presents the first accommodation sharing-economy platform in Thailand supported by blockchain technology.


HashMax is a reliable mining rig supplier and hosting service provider based in China, offering a simple one-stop solution for bitcoin mining. HashMax team is composed of passionate experts in cryptocurrency mining, hosting service, handling miners and maintenance, who are dedicated to helping customers to minimize the overhead costs with low-priced stable energy and maximize their mining profits with the best mining solutions in the industry.

HashMax is not only a cryptocurrency mining service provider but also a ‘miner’ just like our customers. Therefore, we have better understanding of our customers. HashMax came up with a solution combining the advantages of both cloud mining and hosting service and offer transparent all-in hosting price to provide the best mining experience to customers. Unlike other companies, HashMax platform is transparent and flexible according to customers’ desires.

  • Convenience:
  1. Start mining with HashMax within 7 working days
  2. No setup complications.
  3. Check the real-time status of miners through Dashboard.
  • Low cost:
  1. Offer hosting solutions at affordable prices.
  2. No import or export tax, installation and removing fee.
  3. No expensive international shipping fee
  • Price Transparency:
  1. Hosting price is fixed during the whole contract term and it includes electricity, maintenance, cooling, Ethernet, labour, security, and basic repair.
  2. No hidden fee.
  • Professionalism:
  1. (1)The professional tech team provides 24/7 maintenance.
  2. (2)Cooperate with authorized repairing centers of miner manufacturers.
  • Profitability and security:
  1. Guaranteed 95% of online rate to maximize customers’ profits.
  2. 100% of the bitcoin mined go directly to customers’ wallets.
  3. Customers have 100% of the ownership of the miners purchased from HashMax.


TPIDA proudly presents first accommodation sharing-economy platform supported by blockchain technology in Thailand. By using essential fundamentals of Ethereum blockchain technology, TPIDA offers cheaper prices to users for booking astonishing villas and houses. On top of that, TPIDA token will be awarded to users for each booking and usage of TPIDA platform.